News Release: 4/23/2018

April 23, 2018
High School Club Program

Parents and the community can support your high school club and help save lives with the American Red Cross. By hosting a blood drive, the Red Cross will reward your club by purchasing athletic uniforms, band equipment or any item of your choice that will benefit your program. The amount will be based on the number of pints collected at your blood drive. Your drive must collect a minimum of 30 pints to qualify.* Your high school club will be credited $10 for each pint collected at your blood drive! The Red Cross will forward the funds directly to the third-party vendor of your choice.** Fulfillment information will be provided upon completion of your successful blood drive. Support your club and help save lives! To schedule a blood drive, contact Mike Fries at 651 245-5971 or
Mike Fries, Account Manager
(651) 245-5971





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